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Even Keel: Essential Oil Diffuser

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Our scents are concocted with 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils. We do not use fragrances or isolates.

We took the time to find a base that is Dipropylene Glycol free and VOC compliant so you can breathe with ease.

Batched in small quantities to deliver our scents as fresh as possible to you.

Scent Profiles

01 |  Floral notes of Lavender with subdued Palma Rosa, a touch of Amyris followed by Clove's warmth.

02 |  Soft woodsy notes of Cedarwood paired with the light sweetness of Chamomile followed by hints of citrus from the bright leaves and green twigs of Petitgrain.

03 |  An energetic, lively blend of citrus peels and Cypress, grounded with lower notes of Lemongrass. A popular nostalgic blend of tropical days, especially in the winter.

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