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Boobland Zine

A unique, 3-color risograph zine about the imaginary fantasy, Boobland!

Printed on 67 lb. high-quality paper, 16 pages


99 Cent Store

A fun, silkscreen accordion book of all the things you find at a 99 cent store.  Some functional, some bootleg–get it to find out what's included in the book!

100% handmade.

4.5" x 6"  |  Limited Edition of 18



A double-sided accordion zine about an ordinary girl's life.

3-color risograph, 4" x 5"

Handmade stamp printed on wrap band.


Modern Dating Guide

A funny modern dating guide everyone can relate to!

3-color risograph zine, limited edition of 50, approx. 5" x 4"

Unfolds into a 15.5" x 10.25" print.

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