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Jia Sung: Zines

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Searching / Seeking is Jia's translation in poetry comic format of the Song Dynasty female poet Li Qingzhao's poem Xun Xun Mi Mi. Li wrote eloquently about grief, loss, and melancholy, particularly in the wake of the death of her husband. The artist found this poem particularly moving and poignant in the context of pandemic and the radical shifts and losses we have faced in our communities.
12 pages, risograph on parchment with a vellum cover. Hand-bound with pink string and beads.

Drinking Alone With The Moon
A dialogue across centuries

Li Bai 李白 (b. 701–762)
Translated and illustrated
Jia Sung 宋佳瑜 (b. 1992–present)

Black Dog is a 12 page poetry comic on a restless dog that follows. Risograph printed in orange, teal, and federal blue.

Orientalist Tinder
Specimens collected from the artist's time online.

Painted Skin
An autobiographical comic on transplantation.

A poetry comic that follows the mythological hybrid as it enacts its roles of hunter, stalker, executioner, devourer.

28 page poetry zine.

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