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Canvas & Cassette: Volume One Zines

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Canvas & Cassette is a quarterly art and music zine produced in NYC and Montréal. Rather than consider art and music independently, we’re interested in exploring the ways in which these two creative worlds naturally overlap: we want to know what bands an illustrator listens to in their studio, a songwriter’s thought process when selecting artwork to represent their music, and other iterations and collaborations between creatives with backgrounds in both fields.

Canvas & Cassette features the work of a growing community of creative contributors, from songwriters and musicians to illustrators and graphic designers. We accept submissions in the form of music, art, articles, and event reviews on a rolling basis.


Issue One:

On View: Sarah Myers
On Repeat: Jake McKelvie
Montreal Mural Spotlight: Norma Andreu
Anatomy of a Music Video: Beyoncé's "Lemonade"
Artwork by Chris Lucero, Greg Kletsel, Stefania Altru, Ambivalently Yours, Jovanni Luna, Jess Suttner, Konyin Ayuba, Taylor Rynski, Alberto Pazzi


Issue Two:

On View: Ariana Sauder
On Repeat: Gabrielle Marlena
Montreal Mural Spotlight: Mono Sourcil
Anatomy of a Music Video: Color & Choreography
Artwork by Elie Chap, Emma Wasielke, Fem Foundry, Ohkii Studio, Janice Chang, Viscaya Wagner, Melissa McGill, Minju Sun, Jess Suttner, Alexandra Beguez, Jacob Hunt, Carlota Novo Gonzalvo, and Bethany Robertson

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