Even Keel: Chaga & Blossom Lotion

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Even Keel: Chaga & Blossom Lotion

For Body: All skin types
This moisturizer is a "soufflé", meaning it's been whipped to give it a lighter feel. By making it less dense, it moisturizes the skin without that leftover tacky feeling. 
4oz amber jar with safety seal.

Ranked highest in the ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) score for natural foods by the USDA, decocting this shroom turns water into a shade of rich, dark coffee because of it’s high melanin content.It’s highly pigmented shield it against rays, and us against hyper-pigmentation, premature aging, wrinkles and pesky sun spots. 
It also has naturally occuring Betulonic acid, which tones down redness and inflammation.

Containing Allatoin, Vitamins A & C and fatty acids, this herb duo was sun-infused into our Avocado oil and Shea Butter to balance our skin’s moisture levels.

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