Jia Sung: Zines

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Drinking Alone With The Moon
A dialogue across centuries

Li Bai 李白 (b. 701–762)
Translated and illustrated
Jia Sung 宋佳瑜 (b. 1992–present)

Black Dog is a 12 page poetry comic on a restless dog that follows. Risograph printed in orange, teal, and federal blue.

Orientalist Tinder
Specimens collected from the artist's time online.

Painted Skin
An autobiographical comic on transplantation.

A poetry comic that follows the mythological hybrid as it enacts its roles of hunter, stalker, executioner, devourer.

28 page poetry zine.

“Do not recall in your sleep / Any of your siblings / Who cry over your absence.” Created for the quarterly publication Ley Lines, Skin to Skin reimagines the folktale Madame White Snake as a story of sisters, transformation, and returning.

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