Shattered Earth: Squiggle Cat Socks

Regular price $16.00

Finally, you can swear Squiggle Cat on your feet! This soft grey sock is just COVERED in silly cats being anatomically mystifying, and one potato dog too! They are the perfect length to make someone laugh if they see your feet. BEST PART? While you're chilling with your shoes off at home or at a friend's, there's an absolutely smashed squiggle on the sole! But honestly, same feel.

• One size fits most. Technically these are for about a woman's shoe size 6-10, or men's shoe size 4-9, or a UK/China 36-42.
• 85% Cotton 10% Polyester 5% Spandex
• Washing and Dry on warm or cool/cold, don't put me in hot to be safe!
• Line drying keeps them alive longer 
• No Bleach
• No Ironing

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