Small Batch Goods from the Heart

FROM HERE TO SUNDAY began in a fake bodega within a real museum by artist Diana Ho.  It could not have been a more perfect setting for these humble beginnings, for this in-between of art and real life is where the business thrives.  What started as simple zine pairings with baked goods quickly became a nomadic gift shop selling curated, small batch goods.  Each product is lovingly made in limited quantities by talented artists, ranging from paintings, to zines, to jewelry, to baked goods, and beyond.  

This small business continues to evolve in different contexts, whether it is a pop-up shop or art exhibition.  Through continual collaboration with artists and creative dabblers alike, From Here to Sunday strives to blur the line between fine art and retail.  And by fostering empathy through artful gift-giving, we hope to nourish an appreciation for the handmade, ultimately making the arts more accessible to everyone.

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