Collection: Mookntaka's Friends and Follies

Art collaborative duo, Mookntaka, is bringing Mookntaka's Friends and Follies to Gowanus! Hosted by From Here to Sunday, the show features colorful painted reliefs, a collective drawing wall, and playful inflatable sculptures. Come and meet their newest inflatable friend, Archie! 
Mookntaka’s Friends and Follies is running from May 13 - June 11 with an opening reception on May 13th from 1-6pm. All ages are welcome and encouraged to play!
Mookntaka (MOO-kin-tah-kah) is a Brooklyn-based artist duo by Mark Zlotsky and Karyn Lao. It combines their names through the voice of their two-year-old niece: Mook (Uncle Mark) and Taka (Auntie Karyn).
Mark is an artist with an architectural background who infuses design with humor. Karyn is a fiber artist who believes that we are like pompoms — many pieces connected by a common thread. Together, they experiment and produce playful, unusual objects. 
Mookntaka personifies the whimsical lens they investigate their surroundings with. It serves as a reminder to find joy in unexpected places and to embrace the silliness and curiosity of our inner child.
You can find more of their work on instagram @mookntaka!
Mookntaka's Friends and Follies