Smiling big, Karyn and Diana holding up Big pOm above its pedestal under a banner that reads "pOms for the people"

Mutual aid and community care are interwoven into the business model of From Here to Sunday. We strongly believe in the power of collective action and recognize that there are countless ways a community can show us love without purchasing material goods. 

Here are some alternative ways to support our efforts:
• Donate to our GoFundMe Fundraiser. We're still recovering from the effects of the pandemic and could use a financial boost.

• Buy a Gift Card.
• Donate through Venmo - @heretosunday.
• Buy us something from our Amazon Wish List.
If you're not in a position to contribute financially, no worries!
Here are some free ways to help us out:
• Share on Social Media. Tell folks what you love about the shop! Every Follow, LikeCommentSave& Re-post adds up and helps boost our presence in the algorithm.
• Leave us a Review on Google or Yelp. This helps new customers find their way to us and builds trust in what we have to offer.
• Recommend us to a Friend. Good ol' fashion word-of-mouth has gotten us pretty far already, so don't shy away from this tried-and-true method.

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Of course, mutual aid means paying it forward too!
A few ways you can help us give back to our community:
• At checkout, Leave a Tip. All the tips we collect through the website go to various local mutual aid groups, or we use funds to buy items to make care kits for continuous distribution. At our storefront, we have a donation box for tips.
• Buy items from our Amazon Wish List dedicated to Care Kits.
• Pay attention to our feed on Instagram. We often use our stories as a platform to share fundraising campaigns and mutual aid requests.
• Attend In-Person Events at the Shop. We fundraise regularly through our events and exhibitions. By attending, you'll often find out ways you can help different organizations.
• Sign up for our Mailing List. Not only will you stay up-to-date with what's going on with the shop, we share info about various community organizations that you can support.