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 🖼️ EXHIBITION  May 25 - June 23 

• Dahulu Kala: A Group Show Curated by Clar Angkasa
Opening Reception: May 25, 2-5PM

Small bites served by Asmara

567 Union Street, BK 11215 | map

Meaning “a long time ago” in Indonesian, Dahulu Kala is a tribute to the timeless tales passed down from generation to generation. In an increasingly complicated and modernized world, folktales help tether us to our roots, bridging the distance often felt between ourselves and our heritage. Dahulu Kala began with curator Clar Angkasa’s desire to reconnect with her Indonesian roots and grew into a collaborative effort to create a space to share these stories once told to us by our ancestors. 

In this group show, Indonesian artists and writers are invited to select folktales from their culture and breathe new life into them. Each work is paired with a written piece that provides yet another interpretation of the tale. The very nature of these stories is ever-changing and fluid, so artists and writers are encouraged to explore nuances that have perhaps been overlooked in countless retellings. This exhibition allows viewers–both Indonesian and otherwise–to immerse themselves in tales from “dahulu kala”, providing a unique glimpse into Indonesian art and culture through written and visual storytelling that's filled with enchantment, transformation, sacrifice, and characters who persevere through it all.

Learn more about the artists and writers here.

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🍉 JUNE 22-23 12-6PM Artists for Palestine Market
100% Proceeds go to e-sims for Gazan families

Come on over and buy art from a variety of creative folks, organized by Casey Lin! All the proceeds go to purchasing e-sims for families in Gaza! 🔻Please share with your friends!!🔻We will have plants from Brooklyn Horticulture and a whole lot of beautiful handmade work by our local artist community 🫶

Flyer by Yum! Club / Ashley Ji Hye ❤️🖤🤍💚

Lilian Wu
Tiana Tucker
Sara Shaw
Hannah Cooper
Kim Sandara
Michael Guerra Foerster
Students Selling Stickers
Yula Pottery
geo crafts
Sasha Hill
Susie Oh
Cat's Kimvenience
Bren Kenny
Defne Tutus
Camille Nguyễn
Laura Williams
Samson Ceramic
Chutbi Ceramics
Kevin VQ Dàm
Yvonne E Schmitz
Oli Ceramics
Value Form
Kelly Worman
Molly Bryck
Ray Hwang
Yum! Club
Quantum Metaphysicals
Roohi Choudhry
ames Romero Bascara
Jan Dickey
Rose Malenfant
Farwah Rizvi
Jessica Ayala
Naomi Basu
Helen So Miiasoey
... and more!


567 Union Street, BK 11215 | map 




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