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Works by Serena ChangRose Wong 

MAY 8 - JUNE 6

 Opening Reception MAY 8 | 1-5pm

From Here to Sunday is excited to present new works by Serena Chang and Rose Wong. After a year-long delay, HOMEBODY takes on new meaning in light of the pandemic: isolated objects, grids and patterns, the vitality of plants bursting out of containers, and the intimacy of interior spaces come together in this exhibition.

Chang offers prints and cast sculptures based on her digital renderings, which explore the plant as art, and question the line between function and fine art. As prints, they exist one dimension closer to being tangible objects, yet remain a step removed. The sculptures presented – various vessels meant for holding flowers and foliage – are essentially incomplete artworks until paired with botanical life forms. 

Wong’s hand-painted tiles are based on her zine of the same name, in which she considers how concepts of containment and worlds-within-worlds create depth of space even while the forms themselves are flat and graphic.  The artist fearlessly plays with edges that create a delightful continuity without the visual anxiety that is normally associated with tangents touching.

HOMEBODY’s complex interrogations of dimensionality and depth reflect our lives during this past year: the comforts and loneliness of our homes, our limited access to the outside world, and the amplitude of our experiences in spite of and owing to their repetitiveness.  Predominantly blue and white, these works are placed within a colorful setting surrounded by lush plants, adding another layer for the viewer’s interpretation. 

The color scheme of the exhibition, evocative of Chinese blue-and-white porcelain, alludes to the artists’ identities as Americans of Chinese descent.  Both also consider themselves introverts.  What does it mean to be an AAPI introvert, especially in today's context?  Can our rich inner worlds continue to be neatly contained?  How can we feel at home when we need to flatten ourselves to survive?  HOMEBODY investigates these boundaries and contradictions.

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Serena Chang is a multidisciplinary artist based in Brooklyn and Queens, NY, who works in-between photography and sculpture. When not creating her own art, she works as an art fabricator for Shisanwu LLC.

Come Out to the Coast was a project of Serena’s that used a wide range of materials and techniques to fabricate functional sculptures and objects with a plant-based focus. It has since evolved into Uni-Form LLC, a body of work that focuses on form studies and domestic objects. The series on display in HOMEBODY are some of the first objects created for Uni-Form LLC.

Website: uni-form.xyz
Instagram: @serenacserenac , @uni___form

Rose Wong
is an illustrator based in Brooklyn, NY who likes to combine the natural with unnatural. Her work can be found in The New York Times, The New Yorker, Bon Appétit, and Bloomberg Businessweek, among many other publications. Rose’s primary medium is digital, but she still enjoys the occasional doodling in her sketchbook. When not drawing, she makes zines and ceramics. Her interest in bookmaking and ceramics grew out of the desire to bring her digital art into a tangible world.

Rose started a project called loooooookboooooook, an ongoing series of fashion illustrations functioning as an exploration and study of shapes. By drawing quickly and not treating anything too preciously, Rose has been able to keep the project fun and experimental, while learning to expand her shape vocabulary and maintaining a consistent series.

Website: rosewongart.com
Instagram: @ohrosewong, @loooooookboooooook

at From Here to Sunday
567 Union Street

Brooklyn, NY 11215