Collection: The 270 Million Project

The 270 Million Project is a commitment to create 270 ink paintings resembling Rorschach tests, listening to only Lao music. These pieces explore Kim Sandara's relationship to being a Lao American: the longing to understand their roots and the conflict of being American and Lao. Each painting represents 1 million American cluster bombs dropped onto Laos during the Vietnam War.

70 of the total paintings are featured in this exhibition. The work is installed in a grid formation as an ode to women bomb remover workers who do not have enough funding to accurately locate all of the bombs in Laos. Because of this, they blindly scout for spaces to check for UXO. With each sale there will be missing parts to the grid. Each missing spot represents the impact a community can have on empathizing and solving a problem if they come together. This work speaks to intergenerational trauma, the immigrant/refugee family experience, war, identity, and resilience. 

$100 of each painting sale will be donated to COPE, a facility which aids in physical therapy for the thousands of people affected by the bombs after the war.

Some smaller works by Kim are also available for purchase, with partial profits going to ​Legacies of Wars, a non-profit working on advocacy, education, and funding the removal of unexploded bombs currently still in the country​.

*PLEASE NOTE* Because the exhibition has ended at the shop, the original paintings are no longer available for purchase here. If you are interested in purchasing one of their works, visit Kim Sandara's website here. Prints, stickers, temporary tattoos are still available at From Here to Sunday.

The 270 Million Project