Collection: sabrina sims: portals within myself

From Here to Sunday is delighted to present Sabrina Sims' first solo exhibition, portals within myself. This ethereal and vibrant show explores portals as a dreamy, emotional, and tactile place where we can reflect on self-love, emotional dissonance, and transformation. 

Iridescent textile hangings, ghostly infinity mirrors, and neon interactive video art immerse visitors in an atmosphere of deep introspection & vulnerable softness. These multi-layered works interact with each other to create mini-portals that explore the artist's experiences and invite us to look at ourselves in the mirror.  Reflective surfaces and shifting lighting are central to the show, creating an otherworldly celestial container where complex feelings are safe to explore. Sometimes when we are facing the realities of ourselves and others, it is hard to stay embodied. However, being temporarily disconnected is not necessarily a bad thing. This playful tension between the artist, visitors, and the space is evoked through the harmonizing yet contrasting colorwork, texture, and transparency of the pieces. Each person’s experience of the show depends on factors like how our body-minds feel, the time of day, and the lighting.  What can we learn about ourselves once we allow for light and joy to penetrate our hardened exteriors, even for just a moment?

This show is a continuation of Sabrina's series "soft synth poems", which focuses on tactile-emotional site-specific installations in DIY venues and playful reuse of craft materials.

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Sabrina Sims (she/her) is a bi Black Puerto Rican chronically ill artist from the Bronx.  Her saturated multimedia work focuses on Black cosmic tech, softness as a tactile-emotional feeling and community idea-sharing. She enjoys synthesizing mediums including printmaking/zines, textiles, biomaterials, and livecoded audiovisuals. 

Sabrina organizes several COVID safer DIY music events and art fairs with a focus on accessibility for disabled creatives. Skill-sharing, workshops and other community building opportunities for other Black Indigenous people is a central part of her practice.

Instagram: @starlyartstudio

sabrina sims: portals within myself