Exhibition: Unshadow by Miwa Neishi

Exhibition: Unshadow by Miwa Neishi

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Unshadow | Work by Miwa Neishi

Opening October 16 | 1-5PM

Unshadow explores the unearthing of the ties that inextricably bind us all, revealing the subtle, yet ever-present light and color that have been buried beneath the surface. This exhibition is an ode to the forgotten, the unseen, and the avoided.

As we continue living in this pandemic, issues of oft-ignored communities come to light in ways we may have never observed, forcing us to reassess our roles in our broader society. While this examination can be painful and challenging, it has become a catalyst for affirmative community action through mutual aid and understanding.

Neishi also ponders the interconnectedness between Japan and other Asian countries–one that extends beyond a national and political framework. The interlocking, overlapping shapes in her Moji sculptures and drawings, as well as the delicate balance of her felted mobiles, are an exemplification of these shared histories among the diaspora. Through this body of work, the artist embraces this unspoken bond as an uplifting moment of positive growth.

Miwa Neishi's work is inspired by Japanese calligraphy, abstract expressionism, and prehistoric clay figures. She creates her forms using nontraditional clays and glazes and focuses on the harmony between lines that is prevalent in calligraphy. Her pieces are intuitively hand-constructed and reflect the connections among elemental aspects of life, often taking the shape of characters she has encountered during her time spent in Japan, Ohio, NYC, and various other places.  

Website: miwaneishi.com
Instagram: @miwaclay


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We are also celebrating our 5TH ANNIVERSARY!!

Join us for another BAKE SALE FUNDRAISER
benefitting Tsuru for Solidarity.

[UPDATE] Due to rain in the forecast, we have postponed the bake sale fundraiser to Saturday, October 23rd, 1-5pm.

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567 Union Street
Brooklyn, NY 11215

gowanus open studios 2021

This exhibition is opening during Gowanus Open Studios 2021! For more info and to see other artists / spaces in the directory, go to artsgowanus.org.


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