Pay It Forward

sunday collaborative action fund
What is the Sunday Collaborative Action Fund?
From Here to Sunday is a business that is rooted in empathy. Since the beginning, we have prioritized the representation of marginalized artists, but we can certainly do more. With renewed passion from the protests sparked by George Floyd's tragic murder, we are committed to actively engaging in decolonization and anti-racism through our business. This means raising money in order to collaborate with artists to create educational materials promoting equity for BIPOC to be distributed at the shop for low or no cost.
How are funds raised, and where do they go?
When a customer checks out for their order, they are given the option to 'Add Tip'. Another way is to make a direct donation via Venmo (@heretosunday). The funds collected are meticulously tracked, and first go toward a monthly donation to  Black Lives Matter Global Network. The amount is relatively fixed, starting at $20 each month, but is subject to increase as more tips come in. Any remaining contributions will go toward Collaborative Actions.
What is a Collaborative Action?
Our first project was with artist Jia Sung, who created these beautiful Black Lives Matter risograph posters. These were made through the generosity of the artist, as well as TXTbooks, who helped print them for free. Funds in this case were used for materials and shipping. Posters are distributed at the storefront.
In the future, we hope to work with more artists to create additional posters, zines, and other useful materials in the fight against systemic racism. We'd also like to host events and fundraisers for charitable causes through the fund as well.
I'm an artist. How can I get involved?
Simply send an email to, and let's talk!
How can I stay updated with these efforts?
Follow us on instagram and sign up for our mailing list.