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Kwohtations Sticker


It's almost May, which means Mother's Day is approaching! Whoever your loving caregiver may be, show them how much you appreciate the things they do and the support they give.   

 kwohtations stickers

Image composited with photos by Kwohtations
It's important to remember that our hardworking caregivers are just people trying their best. They are also friends, partners, siblings, and children of others, balancing several relationships and responsibilities. Let them know they are enough with these beautifully worded Stickers and Notes to Self Sticker Sheets by Kwohtations

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We've also got some lovely feminist merch at the shop!
Middle Finger Brooch
midge blitz earrings and button
Images by Midge Blitz

Remind mom that she is a bad bitch with these awesome Brooches, Earrings, and Buttons by Midge Blitz. These badass items will make for a fine add-on to any of her looks!

Foods Before Dudes Pins
Image by Amar&Riley
We also love our selection of Foods Before Dudes Enamel Pins by Amar&Riley. They make a great gift for all feminist parents. The message is clear – food first, thank you!

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kaye blegvad eternal sisterhood tshirt
Looking for a sweet piece of apparel for Mother's Day? We have this precious Eternal Sisterhood T-Shirt by Kaye Blegvad. This simple, yet stunning design will make for a stylish fit and spread a loving message of communion.

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Butterfly Bottle Opener
Need a drink on the go? This beautiful Butterfly Bottle Opener Keychain by Adele Jackson makes for a super practical and pretty tool/accessory! Mom can carry it with her and crack open a cold one at her leisure.

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wato furo fizz
wato kinkan cooling spray
Images by WATO

Let's not forget the importance of self-care. These calming and rejuvenating WATO Furo Fizzes and Kinkan Cooling Spray are perfect for a moment of peace and restoration.
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Our busy moms and caregivers are often unable to find time for themselves after long days of helping others. Taking some down-time for oneself is definitely easier said than done. But whenever you do find the opportunity, treat yourself. Do something for you, because it is impossible to care for others when we can't care for ourselves.
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