Happy Heart Day!

Happy Heart Day!

Valentine’s is just around the corner! If you're looking for a little something for a loved one, here are some fun gifts to share with your family, friends, or partners.

Heart Card

Valentine Card zoomed out Valentine Card standing up

This adorable little Valentine by Aya Kakeda will surely make a friend smile and can be folded to stand on a flat surface too!


Heart straws beside Cherry Blossom earrings

Pair it with something just as fun and colorful, like these Reusable Heart Straws and Cherry Blossom Kiss Earrings by Jaz Harold! Perfect for those who love adding a magical, holographic glow to their everyday.


• • •

Maybe Galentine’s and treating yourself is more your style.

Nail polish and nail decals Heart print and sticker

Our Claws Out nail polish comes in a variety of shades and matches great with these Gayze Nail Decals for some sexy nail art.
 Throw in a Heart Lollipop Print and Sticker by Nellie Le to make any gift extra sweet.

Wato bath tea and fizz

How about these lovely, relaxing goodies by WATO? A Furo Fizz and Yakuto Bath Tea is the perfect way to spend an evening on a cold winter day.

Remember, self-care is an important part of any loving relationship (and that includes your relationship to yourself.)


• • •

Don't forget the card!

Explore our wide range of greeting cards to express all of your deepest feelings.
Here are a few of our favorites:
Two Mice sharing cheese  Two cups of matcha tea

We love a good pun, especially when the sentiment behind them is precious and genuine. These cards by Lucky Horse Press & Cubby & Co. are a great go-to for reminding those you love that you are there for them.


Cat making funny face

 Or perhaps you’re in search of something with a sense of humor and blunt honesty that holds true to the realities of relationships, like this fun linocut card by Ping Hatta!

Find more of Ping’s cards here.


• • •

Keep it simple.

VioletJar of honey and honey bear sticker

Let's not forget about flowers! Sometimes it's nice to stick to the classics. This one by Kati Lacker doesn’t even need to be watered. Make a statement with one stem or gather a little bouquet of prints.
Can't have flowers without a little honey – something sweet for your sweetie! Throw in this popular Union Street Honey made by local Brooklyn Bees along with this darling Honey Bear Sticker by Nellie Le to round out your gift.


• • •

Of course, showing appreciation for the people in our lives should happen every day, not just on February 14. Even small gestures like helping a friend with a task, telling a family member that we support them, or giving your partner a warm hug go a long way. 
It's so important to be there for our loved ones and to always hold them with care. Remember that your presence is ultimately the greatest present 💝
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