Fresh & Fruity SMO Ceramics

Fresh & Fruity SMO Ceramics

Citrus fruit coasters with glassPhoto by SMO Ceramics

SMO Ceramics, featured last year in New York magazine, are back! If you're in search of some fun coasters and dishes, we've got what you're looking for...
Strawberry dishes in a cratePhoto by SMO Ceramics

Pineapple dish
Some sweet little Strawberry and Pineapple dishes, perfect for holding tiny trinkets, as a spoon rest, or perhaps even a small snack.
Citrus fruit dishes
Lime dish
Classic Citrus Fruit Dishes include Grapefruit, Lemon, Orange, and Lime.
So many bright, vibrant colors to fill the home!
Daisy palette
We've also stocked a new Daisy Palette!
Great for separating paints or any little objects.

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