Brenda Chi: MSG Girl T-Shirt

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‘MSG Girl’ by Brenda Chi is a parody of the iconic Morton Salt Girl, here representing Asian American food and the identity of being Asian American — fighting stereotypes of Chinese heritage, such as the negative stereotype about MSG in Chinese food. 

Ethically made, designed, and created in LA by artist Brenda Chi in collaboration with East West Shop. 

Unisex/ like men’s Size. Runs about 1/2 a size larger than most shirts.

XS Length - 26.5" Chest - 17"
S Length 27.5" Chest - 19"
M Length 28.5" Chest - 21"
L Length 29.5" Chest - 23"
XL Length 30.5" Chest - 25"
2XL Length 31.5" Chest - 27"

This design is also available as a print or a sticker.

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