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Brenda Chi

Brenda Chi: Yeet Hay All Day T-Shirt

Brenda Chi: Yeet Hay All Day T-Shirt

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Yeet Hay in Cantonese means “hot air” — which is what you feel when you eat too many spicy, fried, or as the Chinese like to consider “hot” foods.

Made by artist Brenda Chi with love in collaboration with East West Shop in LA.

Ethically made, designed, and created in LA. 

Wok Hei shirts on sale are at reduced price due to minor flaws.

Unisex/ like men’s Size. Runs about 1/2 a size larger than most shirts.

XS Length - 26.5" Chest - 17"
S Length 27.5" Chest - 19"
M Length 28.5" Chest - 21"
L Length 29.5" Chest - 23"
XL Length 30.5" Chest - 25"
2XL Length 31.5" Chest - 27"

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