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Protective Hand Ring
A smooth, organic ring with tiny hands at each end, wrapping round your finger. A little comforting maybe, like somebody's protectively holding onto you. Cast in golden brass.

Knot Ring
A slim band tied in a knot. The band has a couple of twists in it, and the knot is raised slightly, so it can sit pointing slightly upward or slightly downward on the finger, depending which way round you wear it. It has a lovely, organic shape to it and is very comfortable to wear.  Cast in golden brass. Knot is approximately 3/8" tall.

Tiny D Ring
A replica of an ancient Roman ring; a subtle phallic amulet, which was worn by young boys to ward off evil. Today we can direct its power to be a protective charm against bad energy, bad moods, and bad things in general. 

Signet part of ring is approximately 9mm wide. Tiny D is approximately 6mm long, band approximately 1.5mm wide. 

Dagger Stud Earrings
Daggers are approximately 1/2" in length, with sterling silver posts and backs.

Tiny D Stud Earrings
Tiny phallic amulets, inspired by an ancient Roman design. Subtle and miniature, an in-joke, and a secret power piece for youCast in solid brass, with sterling silver posts and backs.  Approximately 5mm long.

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