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Kaye Blegvad

Kaye Blegvad: Jewelry

Kaye Blegvad: Jewelry

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A selection of whimsical jewelry from Datter Industries by artist Kaye Blegvad.

Knot Ring
A slim band tied in a knot. The band has a couple of twists in it, and the knot is raised slightly, so it can sit pointing slightly upward or slightly downward on the finger, depending which way round you wear it. It has a lovely, organic shape to it and is very comfortable to wear.  Cast in golden brass. Knot is approximately 3/8" tall.

Protective Hand Ring
A smooth, organic ring with tiny hands at each end, wrapping round your finger. A little comforting maybe, like somebody's protectively holding onto you. Cast in golden brass.

Aster Crown Ring
A petite, ancient-inspired ring with an elevated flower. Cast in golden brass.

Conversation Ring
Face to face, two friends with a lot to talk about.
This brass ring is slightly adjustable; open or close gently to change the size, but do not adjust too dramatically.

Fede Ring
Clasped hands are an ancient symbol of friendship, love, and loyalty. Fede rings were often used as wedding bands in Roman and medieval times. The name derives from the Italian “mani in fede” meaning “hands clasped in faith.”

Offering Ring
Hands presenting a gift. A delicate, low profile ring that works equally well as an everyday piece as a non-traditional engagement ring. This ring is currently available in opal & green tourmaline. Please note that variation occurs in natural stones and no two are exactly the same; your stone may vary slightly from the ones pictured.

Rough & Smooth Ring
The band is faceted half way round, and the other half is smooth. It was originally designed as a wedding ring, to represent sticking together through the rough and the smooth. But it works just as well as a ring for yourself, to remind you that when things get rocky, they'll even out again. It's a talisman for keeping your chin up. Approximately 6mm wide. Cast in sterling silver.

Flower Stud Ring
Pick a flower & wear it round your finger. Flower bloom is approximately 3/4" wide.

Dagger Stud Earrings
Daggers are approximately 1/2" in length, with sterling silver posts and backs.

Tiny D Stud Earrings
Tiny phallic amulets, inspired by an ancient Roman design. Subtle and miniature, an in-joke, and a secret power piece for youCast in solid brass, with sterling silver posts and backs.  Approximately 5mm long.

Arrow Stud Earrings
Dainty brass arrows for your ears, cast in golden brass.
Arrows are 1" in length, with sterling silver posts and backs.

Aster Drop Earrings
A flower in orbit, dropping just below the earlobe. Cast in brass with sterling silver posts and backs.

Votive Friendship Necklaces - Set of 2
Open hands reaching for each other, one for you, one for a friend. Dainty charm necklaces to keep you connected even when you are apart. Pendants are approximately 0.75" long, on 18" oxidized sterling silver chain.

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