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Maresi Starzmann

Maresi Starzmann: Linocut Prints

Maresi Starzmann: Linocut Prints

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Truite au Bleu (Trout)
Linocut, Pencil, Ink, Paper, 8" x 10"
Sometimes the most basic food is the most nourishing—not because it is especially nutritious, but because it tastes like home, like memories, like childhood. This simple fish recipe—“truite au bleu” (blue trout)—is prepared with very few ingredients, including lemon and parsley, and served only with boiled potatoes. But it can still make for a feast and in Germany (where it is called “Forelle blau”) is often cooked for Christmas. 

Printed with water-soluble blue, green, and yellow ink on kozo rice paper. Signed by the artist.

Linocut, Pencil, Ink, Paper, 8" x 10"

The Arabic word كيف [kayf, m.] (sometimes also transliterated as kief/keef/kif) can mean a bunch of things, so this print is about all of them: 1. condition/state; 2. mood; 3. will; 4. pleasure/well-being/good humor/enjoyment. 

Printed with water-soluble black ink on kozo rice paper and colored with pencil. Signed by the artist.

The World Must be Loved
5" x 7"
8" x 7"
Spirit Animal
8 1/4" x 10 1/2"
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