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miiasoey: Stickers

miiasoey: Stickers

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Brighten up your world with some stickers by miiasoey! These handmade, hand-cut cuties are waterproof, so they'll stick around no matter what kind of environment you put them in. They're great for water bottles, laptops, and any other dull surfaces in need of some *sparkle*!

Sim Ling Ling Sparkle, I Love You, Love is Love, Happy Shiba, Marigold Tiger, Banana Milk, Sailor Moon - Jjimjilbang, Marigold, Houseplant, Peperomia, diu, i'm great (Rainbow), diu, i'm great (Holographic), just another beautiful trash, Bunny Flower (White), Bunny Flower (Cream):

Have A Nice Day, Dice, Lucky Cat:
matte vinyl

Super Mario Bros, Tamagotchi:

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