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Youth in Decline

Youth in Decline: Books & Graphic Novels

Youth in Decline: Books & Graphic Novels

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Frontier #2: Hellen Jo features 32 full-color pages of paintings, pencils, and notebook scribbling by Hellen Jo.

Hellen Jo is a cartoonist & illustrator from the Bay Area, now working in Los Angeles. For more about her work, check out her site.


Frontier #8: This issue features the first English-language publication of work by Italian artist Anna Deflorian. Frontier #8 features the new comic "Faith in Strangers" - a visually experimental tale revolving around the mundane and sordid lives of young women at the gym and in fashion.

32 pages, full-color. For Mature Readers Only

Youth in Decline's first female creator from outside of North America, Anna Deflorian is a talented painter, illustrator, and cartoonist whose colorful and vibrants stories span a variety of media. Anna lives and works in Italy, and is the author of the graphic novel "Roghi" from Canicola edizioni. Her work has been featured previously in Kuti 21, Sans Soleil 3, and Kuš! 9: Female Secrets (where I first encountered her work).


Frontier #10: Told through prose and colorful geometric imagery, "Sensitive Property" is an affecting personal narrative of a real estate consultant, whose experience as a former radical has made them a valuable commodity.

32 pages, full-color, includes a short interview.

Michael DeForge lives and draws comic books in Toronto. He works as an illustrator and as a designer for Adventure Time, and is lead singer of the band Creep Highway. Michael is an astounding writer, and arguably the most compelling and vital voice in contemporary comics.


Love Songs for Monsters is the exciting debut collection of short stories from Brooklyn-based science fiction writer Anthony Ha.

The collection is 92 pages, Risograph-printed in purple with spot colors, and perfect-bound in a bindery in San Francisco. Book cover illustration by award-winning cartoonist Michael DeForge. Title illustrations created by Hannah K. Lee.


Dream Tube is the first collection of work by cartoonist and illustrator, Rebekka Dunlap. These comics effortlessly jaunt from colonized interstellar space to a Brooklyn witch's loft party restroom to the emotional geometry of a couple's private life.

114 pages, Softcover. Indigo blue on cream paper. 

Rebekka Dunlap is an Illustrator from the Pacific Northwest who currently lives in Brooklyn.


Snackies is a hilarious collection of gags and real talk from one of the funniest voices in contemporary comics.

This book includes Nick Sumida's self published mini-comics, as well as new and unpublished strips! Strips include God Tweets, yoga tutorial, the subway, and internet dating as a gay man in New York.

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