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Brad Vogel

Brad Vogel: Find Me in the Feral Pockets Book

Brad Vogel: Find Me in the Feral Pockets Book

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This book of poems by Brad Vogel describes "love both lost and remembered—all within the throes of a fragmented Gowanus landscape whose concrete lives with and against the nature it fails to contain—Vogel tells his readers of “Human waste heading for herons / And hoping for the filtrations / Of ribbed mussels”. With a casual jaggedness in his humor and associative imaginings, Vogel discovers (then loses: again and again) his own identity: “And I am here now / My shadow pops up / To tell me / A dark patch / On the gravel / Pulsing at periphery”.

You can also support the making of this book by contributing to Brad's kickstarter!

With all the changes happening in Gowanus, we hope to share its memory and reflect on what it was and is becoming, and how we are effected by an ever-altering environment.

A portions of proceeds will go to The Gowanus Dredgers Canoe Club and The Lenape Center.

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