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Palestinian Soap Cooperative

Palestinian Soap Cooperative: Nablus Olive Oil Soap

Palestinian Soap Cooperative: Nablus Olive Oil Soap

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🍉 100% net profits from every soap purchase will be donated to The PCRF 🍉

The Olive • al-Zaytoon; الزيتون
The Tbeleih family's Nablus Soap Company dates back to the 1600s!
Theirs is the only soap made with certified organic olive oil. Certified Fair Trade.

The Land • al-Ard; الأرض
Made by the Women's Soap Co-operative of Beita, just south of Nablus. The newest of the Nablus soap brands, al-Ard are true gems. Since they work in relatively small batches and are connected with many local small producers, their olive oil is often among the very best. The cooperative's equipment is all stainless steel and run electrically, compared with other brands which use gas or wood burning furnaces to cook their soap. Rather than hand stamping their bars, the Co-op uses a press machine that makes a deep and visible imprint. Al-Ard's main market is in northern Palestine, in the areas around Nazareth and Jenin.

The Two Keys • al-Mufftahein; المفتاحين
The Two Keys imprint is made in the historic Touqan family workshop in Nablus. Their original factory, as well as their family company, is more than 800 years old and a famous institution of Palestine, located in the center of the old city of Nablus. If al-Jamal has the greatest international recognition, the Two Keys imprint are known for the generous size of their bars which often exceed 5 oz. The Two Keys' primary market is in central Palestine in the areas around Nablus.

All the Nablus soaps are cooked in the traditional style out of olive oil, water, and soda, resulting in a soda-less bar of pure saponified olive oil.

Approximately 2 x 3 x 3 inches and weigh 5 ounces on average.

Olive oil soap gets better with age. Keep them in a dry place for an increasingly olive-tan colored, dense, sudsy, and less soap-smelling bar. They can be aged even faster in a sunny window.

Learn more about their traditional soap-making practices here.

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